Uzbekistan does not produce weapons jointly with Iran – authorities

The official authorities of Uzbekistan denied the information about the alleged joint production of weapons with Iran.

The State Committee for Defense Industry of Uzbekistan denied the information that Iranian combat unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) used in the armed conflict in Ukraine are being assembled at factories in Uzbekistan, Uznews reports.

Uzbekistan has not produced and does not produce weapons and military equipment jointly with the Iranian side, the report says.

The committee also stressed that such unverified reports spread by media representatives misinform the public and could harm Uzbekistan’s friendly relations with foreign countries.

Earlier, Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon, in a conversation with Israeli businessman Leonid Nevzlin, said that Iranian drones are being assembled at factories in Uzbekistan.

Recently Uzbek army is been recognized as the most powerful in Central Asia, according to the World Army Ranking 2022, publisge be Global Firepower.

Photo: Focus,
Oct. 27, 2022