Uzbekistan not ready to resume service of Mir cards

Commercial banks of Uzbekistan are currently increasing the risk of using Russian Mir cards, the issue of restoring their acceptance is not yet on the table, Mamarizo Nurmuratov, chairman of the Central Bank of Uzbekistan said speaking at the 2nd International Economic Forum in Samarkand, RIA Novosti reported.

“So far, the issue of restoration is not raised,” Nurmuratov said on the sidelines of the forum, answering a question about the possible timeframe for replacing the operation of the Mir system in Uzbekistan.

The head of the Central Bank of Uzbekistan noted that many commercial banks of Uzbekistan operate in the system, and “now for them there is major risks.”

Since September 23, the single republican processing center Uzcard has suspended the acceptance of cards of the Russian payment system “Mir” in Uzbekistan, including co-badged ones abroad, for consumer goods. At the same time, Uzcard-Mir co-badged cards operate as usual in the country.

After the US Treasury announced its readiness to impose sanctions for working with the Mir payment system, problems with the use of Russian cards arose in many countries, including Turkey, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan.,
Nov. 3, 2022