Vlast: Oil production at Kashagan stopped due to gas leak

Due to a gas leak at the production site, oil production at the Kashagan field was stopped. The incident happened on August 3, but NCOC was only informed about it on Friday.

“NCOC, the operator of the North Caspian project, confirms that on August 3, 2022, a safe shutdown of the Bolashak complex oil and gas treatment plant was carried out due to the discovery of signs of a gas leak at the production site. According to the standard procedure, after the operation of gas sensors at production facilities, pressure was released on the flare system,” the company said.

It was noted that this incident did not cause any harm to people’s health. Air quality monitoring stations in Western Eskene did not exceed the maximum allowable concentrations of pollutants. Currently, work is underway to resume production operations.

Let us recall that on June 4, the Caspian Pipeline Consortium reported that the total volume of oil pumped through the CPC was significantly reduced. This is due to the repair at the Tengiz field and the shutdown of oil production at Kashagan.

5 August, 2022