Uzbekistan creates mobile emergency response teams

The public of Uzbekistan was informed that 120 mobile groups of security forces have been formed to prevent various incidents in the border area. This was announced during a round table organized by the Senate Committee on Defense and Security of Uzbekistan, Ritmeurasia reports.

Mobile groups are organized to “prevent the impact of the tense socio-political situation on Uzbekistan that has developed in neighboring states, maintain the stability of the operational-criminogenic and socio-political situation, ensure peace and tranquility of the population, prevent crimes and offenses of various kinds, the report said.

The groups are made up of employees from the Ministry of the Interior, the State Security Service, the National Guard and the Ministry of Defense. Through their efforts, together with shepherds, hunters and forestry workers, since the beginning of the year, 2,154 reconnaissance and search activities have been carried out in border, mountainous and hard-to-reach areas.

The Senate noted that a number of measures are being implemented in the territories adjacent to the state border of Uzbekistan to ensure the strength of the border and prevent offenses of various kinds.

“In order to further strengthen work to prevent the penetration of various destructive groups into the territory of our country, ensure the integrity and security of the borders of our country and continuously monitor the socio-political and operational situation, operational and preventive measures were carried out in all border settlements in March and August of this year,” the Senate of Uzbekistan said.,
Nov. 1, 2022