Transit traffic volume between states in CA and Caspiy region reaches 20 mln tons

Representatives of Azerbaijan, Iran, Russia and Central Asian countries signed in Tehran a statement to develop cooperation in the field of transit and transport.

The participants of the extended meeting of 8 states, including 5 states from Central Asia and three Caspian states, emphasized the need to develop transit, unify tariffs and issue annual visas for drivers involved in transit.

The focus was on the development of transit routes, including rail, road and sea transportation, increasing the capacity of existing corridors, investing in infrastructure works such as ports, shipping and land communications, unification and harmonization of tariffs, customs procedures to facilitate the flow of goods and trade between countries. .

Creating the necessary conditions for the development of logistics potential between countries will help strengthen the economies of these states.

The outcome of the summit was the signing of a joint statement, according to which the volume of transit traffic between the partner states will reach 20 million tons per year.,
Oct. 10, 2022