Tokayev modernizes Kazakh army to ensure state integrity

Incumbent President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev promised to carry out a comprehensive modernization of the army and the power bloc of Kazakhstan in the coming years. He is a candidate for the presidency of Kazakhstan and announced this when presenting the election program.

“In the face of unprecedented external challenges, we need to ensure the inviolability of state sovereignty and the integrity of the country. This is our duty and sacred obligation to past and future generations. For this, we will pay special attention to the comprehensive modernization of the army and the entire power bloc,” Tokayev said.

He assured that “the military will be provided with modern weapons and equipment.”

“We will increase the prestige of military service and the status of military personnel, strengthen the image of our army. The military personnel will become a symbol of Kazakhstani patriotism. Measures will be taken to develop the military-industrial complex, strengthen territorial defense, improve the quality of military education and the coherence of the troops,” Tokayev said.

Early presidential elections in Kazakhstan are scheduled for November 20.

A day earlier, US President Joe Biden, in a congratulatory telegram to Tokayev on the Republic Day, noted Kazakhstan’s leadership in bringing peace, stability and prosperity to Central Asia for three decades.

On October 22, Tokayev said that “in the face of unprecedented geopolitical tensions,” Kazakhstan would firmly adhere to “the fundamental principles of a peaceful and constructive foreign policy.” In early October, he said that Kazakhstan’s foreign policy should be balanced and aimed at ensuring regional and global security.

At the end of September, Tokayev noted that Kazakhstan adheres to a neutral position in foreign policy in order to maintain peace with neighboring states and within the country. On the same day, he declared that the territorial integrity of states must be inviolable.,
Oct. 26, 2022