Tajik Foreign Ministry denies joint production of drones with Iran

The Tajik Foreign Ministry denied the statement of a well-known Ukrainian journalist and blogger that Tajikistan, together with Iran, is releasing drones that kill Ukrainians.

“We refute the words of the Ukrainian blogger Dmitry Gordon, voiced by him on October 28, 2022 during the online program “Visiting Gordon” about the production by the Iranian side on the territory of Tajikistan of “killing Ukrainians drones,” the Tajik Foreign Ministry said.

The Ministry emphasizes that Tajikistan does not export military equipment to third countries.

The Tajik MFA recommends that Mr. Gordon continue to carefully approach such comments and check the accuracy of the information disseminated.

“We also inform you that the Tajik side has not received any requests from official Kyiv on this issue,” theTajik Foreign Ministry said in a commentary.

Prior to this, Dmitry Gordon accused Uzbekistan of joint production of drones with Iran, to which theUzbek MFA reacted, refuting this statement.

The reason for the appeal was the allegations made in a conversation between Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon and Russian-Israeli businessman Leonid Nevzlin that Iranian drones are being assembled in Uzbekistan.

Calling this information false, the Uzbek Foreign Ministry stated that “the Republic of Uzbekistan does not cooperate with the Islamic Republic of Iran in the military-technical sphere and does not assemble Iranian military equipment on its territory.”

As for Gordon’s statement regarding Tajikistan, it was made by the journalist when he apologized “for Uzbekistan”, and noted that when he spoke about the joint production of drones with Iran, he meant Tajikistan, but the word “Uzbekistan” escaped from his tongue “.

“In fact, I did not mean Uzbekistan, but Tajikistan, and my tongue pronounced the word Uzbekistan. Indeed, there is a drone factory in Uzbekistan, but there is no evidence that it is connected with Iran. Therefore, I meant Tajikistan, and I now want to repeat this, that I mean that in Tajikistan the Iranians are producing drones, with which the Russians then kill Ukrainians. And I would very much like the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Tajikistan to refute this information of mine, if it is untrue,” Dmitry Gordon notes.

Oct. 31, 2022