Political pluralism grows in Kazakhstan

Three new political parties are being created in Kazakhstan, Kazinform reported citing country’s Minister of Justice Kanat Musin.

“To date, three parties have passed the first stage of the registration procedure. Now future parties are at the stage of congresses and the formation of a party asset. In accordance with applicable law, for the registration of the party in its composition, there should be at least 20 thousand members. In addition, there should be at least 600 party members in each region of the country , ”Musin said.

According to him, at present, the Khalyk Derbestigi party held a congress and presented a list of its members. In addition, at the stage of the congresses are the Nasom and Bayat Paries. There are also other parties that intend to register, but have not yet passed this procedure.

The reason is that their documents do not meet the requirements of the law. In total, since 2019, notifications were received regarding the registration of 18 political parties. In 2019 alone, five games were sent notifications. But, today their notifications have lost strength. Now there are 13 parties, of which three parties are registered. In the remaining parties, organizational processes are held.

Until now Kazakhstan has officially registered 6 political parties:

1. Political party Amanate
2. Democratic Party of Kazakhstan Ak Zhol
3. National party of Kazakhstan
4. Prosecutorious Social Democratic Party
5. Narod-Democratic Patriotic Party Ayi
6. Party Ak Zhol

Three of them entered the country’s parliament:
Amanat, People’s Party and Akzhol.

The majority of the Nur Otan party forming the majority after the January events of 2022 was renamed the Amanat party.

Sept. 19, 2022