Military publication shows moment of Tajikistan’s attack on Kyrgyzstan

The War Zone – the American daily source for military, defense, and geopolitics coverage and analysis published a satellite map of the village of Ak-Sai at the time of the invasion of troops and gangs from Tajikistan into the territory of Kyrgyzstan. The satellite image was taken on September 16, the day of intense attacks by Tajikistan on the territory of Kyrgyzstan, reported.

The village of Ak-Sai is divided into two large housing estates, in which the houses are located close to each other. One part is located near the Ak-Suu River (in the southeast), and the other is slightly northwest. Between them there are fields for plowing.

The southeastern part of the village is located near the border with Tajikistan and overlooks the Vorukh enclave. Near Ak-Sai there are only a couple of Tajik houses, after that there is the Ak-Suu river, several kilometers of hills, fields and forests, and only then a settlement where Tajiks live.

A military publication from the United States showed the moment of Tajikistan’s attack on Kyrgyzstan from satellite image

The main blow to the village, judging by the footage, fell precisely on this site (southeast). The main satellite image captures the moment of the attack by Tajikistan. According to the observer, the smoke that is present in the frame was caused by shelling of a Kyrgyz village. Presumably, as a result of shelling from the MLRS.

In the northwestern part of the village of Ak-Sai, the observer showed the actions of Tajikistan in three mini-frames: the first frame shows how it was before the attack, the second shows the moment of the attack, and the third shows the consequences of the attack. Judging by them, several houses were destroyed as a result of the Tajik attack.

The War Zone specializes in military conflicts around the world. They received a satellite image thanks to

Clashes on the border of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan in the Batken region occurred on September 14-17 and were stopped after negotiations between the presidents of the two countries on September 17. Both sides accuse each other of breaking the border first on the other side.,
Sept. 22, 2022