Kazakhstan won’t cancel broadcast of Russian TV channels

The telecommunications company Beeline Kazakhstan has announced that it will not cut off Russian channels from the air.
The company, which belongs to the Veon holding, has adjusted its plans after consulting with the Russian Ministry of Digital Development, the Russian ministry said.

In September, Beeline Kazakhstan reported that from October 5, “Dom Kino”, “Victory”, “Oh!”, “First Channel of the CIS”, “NTV MIR”, “Carousel International”, “Russia 24”, “Music of the First”, “RTR Planet”, “Time: far and near”, “Telecafe”, “Let’s go”, “House of Cinema Premium HD”, “Beaver”, “Russia K “. According to the company, they are changing to “Evrokino”, “Favorite Cinema”, “1HD music” and “Food Premium HD”. Earlier, the company announced that the decision to stop broadcasting Russian TV channels was made due to changes in audience preferences.

“After consulting with Veon, which owns Beeline Kazakhstan, the Russian Ministry of Digital Transformation received confirmation that the company has adjusted its plans and will not turn off Russian TV channels,” the ministry’s Telegram channel said.

Oct. 03, 2022