Kazakhstan intends to resume grain exports

The Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan proposed to the Interdepartmental Commission on Foreign Trade Policy to consider the possibility of lifting restrictive measures on the export of wheat and flour from the country, the LS Aqparat reported.

“As you know, until September 30, Kazakhstan has quotas for the export of grain, no more than 550 thousand tons. And flour – no more than 370 thousand tons per year. When these restrictions were introduced, first of all we tried to protect the domestic market from food crisis, given the difficult international situation. In addition, at that time there was no understanding of what kind of harvest Kazakhstan is awaiting, Minister Yerbol Karashukeev wrote on social network.

He explained that the situation has changed, the forecasts for the gross wheat harvest are optimistic – in the amount of about 13 million tons, which is much more than the indicators of the last lean year. Therefore, the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan considers it expedient to permit agricultural producers to sell grain and flour abroad. As this year’s harvest, taking into account last year’s balances, will be enough for both Kazakhstani and foreign markets.

Kazakhstan introduced restrictions on the export of agricultural products at the beginning of the summer period, when there were no forecast data for this year’s harvest yet.

August 31, 2022