Asia+: Uzbekistan extends the period for discussing amendments to the Constitution for the third time

The term for public discussion of the draft amendments to the Constitution of Uzbekistan has been extended until August 1. This was announced at a regular meeting of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis, Fergana news agency reports with reference to the press service of the Uzbek parliament.

“The responsible committees of the Legislative Chamber will continue to work on summarizing and analyzing proposals received from compatriots, as well as on finalizing the bill,” the report says.

Parliament extends the debate period for the second time. Initially, it was planned to complete it in ten days – from June 25 to July 5 – despite the fact that the draft amendments provide for more than 200 changes to 64 articles of the Constitution, as well as the inclusion of 6 new articles that introduce 16 new norms.

Among the most significant changes is the increase in the term of office of the President of Uzbekistan from five to seven years and the deprivation of Karakalpakstan of the status of a sovereign republic.

The latter outraged the public of Karakalpakstan. In early July, residents of the republic gathered for peaceful protest rallies, which quickly turned into riots. During them, according to official figures, 18 people were killed, about 300 were injured, including law enforcement officers and military personnel. A state of emergency (PE) was introduced in the region for the period from July 3 to August 2, and a curfew was established.

After the riots, President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev, who arrived in Karakalpakstan, said that articles 70, 71, 72, 74 and 75 regarding the legal status of the republic would remain unchanged. The President stressed that the draft would be finalized based on the proposals and opinions of the country’s citizens, after which it would be submitted to a referendum.

On July 4, Parliament announced the extension of the public discussion of the bill until July 15. The decision was explained by an increase in the activity of citizens in expressing opinions on the draft Constitutional Law and an increase in the number of proposals received.,

15 July 2022