Army of Uzbekistan is most powerful in Central Asia

The army of Uzbekistan is recognized as the most powerful in Central Asia, according to the World Army Ranking 2022, publisge be Global Firepower.

The armed forces of Uzbekistan took 55th place out of 142 positions in the world ranking, while Kazakhstan takes 64th place. The most powerful countries in the world according to the rating are the USA, Russia and China.

Global Firepower takes into account several dozen factors, in particular, financial performance, logistics capabilities and geography. When calculating the rating, nuclear weapons are not taken into account.

Uzbekistan shows the highest result in the ranking among the countries of Central Asia, having lower funding indicators. Uzbekistan, with funding of $693 million, ranks 55th, while Kazakhstan ranks 64th with a budget 5.6 times larger than that of Uzbekistan.

According to the Global Firepower Index, the armed forces of the countries of Central Asia are located in the following order:

55.Uzbekistan with an index of 0.83
64.Kazakhstan – 1, 06
83.Turkmenistan – 1, 67
90. Kyrgyzstan – 2.20
111. Tajikistan – 2.72

The most powerful armies in the world have minimal index:

USA – 0.045
Russia – 0.050
China – 0.051,
Oct. 15, 2022