ADB finances road network improvement in Tajikistan

The Asian Development Bank has approved additional grant funding of $43.2 million to improve the safety and reliability of the road network in southern Tajikistan, Avesta news agency reported.

Part of this gratuitous assistance will be aimed at expanding women’s access to social and economic activities, according to the information of the ADB office in Tajikistan.

“Given the mountainous terrain, the lack of access to the sea, and the fact that other modes of transport remain underdeveloped, roads play a key role in the movement of people and goods in Tajikistan both within and outside the country,”  ADB Director General for Central and Western Asia Evgeny Zhukov said.

ADB has provided comprehensive assistance to Tajikistan to improve key international road corridors, Zhukov added.

ADB is working to strengthen the internal road network. This meets the needs of the government, says Zhukov.

The report also noted that the additional grant will be used to rehabilitate a 40-kilometer section of the road from Okmazor to Bokhtar in the densely populated Khatlon region in southern Tajikistan.

ADB is one of the main financial partners of Tajikistan.,
Oct. 28, 2022