Kazakhstan moves to new democratic political model

The Parliament of Kazakhstan adopted the law “On Amendments and Additions to the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, which includes: changing the length of the presidential term, increasing the terms of office of judges of the Constitutional Court and returning the capital of the republic its former name – Astana.

On this occasion, Secretary of State of Kazakhstan Yerlan Karin stated: “The package of political reforms adopted today by the Parliament marks the transition of Kazakhstan to a new democratic political model, where the president is elected for one term without the right to re-election (and this norm will be unchanged and cannot be revised), and where the term of office of judges of the Constitutional Court will be longer than the presidential and parliamentary ones. This package of reforms must be considered in conjunction with the previously implemented constitutional reform: the creation of a new institution of the Constitutional Court, the reduction of the powers of the president while expanding the powers of the Parliament, the introduction of a mixed electoral system, the simplification of the registration of parties, and the strengthening of the independence of the regions.

The new state model ensures regular rotation of power, predictability and stability of the political system, and in general consolidates the further development of our state exclusively on democratic principles, on the basis of political competition. In other words, the new package of reforms closes the process of transformation of the political system. Now we have to restart all the main political institutions (President, Parliament, Maslikhats, Government). And the first stage will be the presidential elections announced in the Address,” Karin believes.

After the bloody events in January 2022, the Kazakh authorities decided to change the model for building public administration. It was decided to make appropriate changes to the Constitution of the country. And also the parliament proposed to return the former name of the capital of Kazakhstan – Astana.

Sept. 16, 2022