Kyrgyz Paliament goes under security forces

After Talant Mamytov has resigned from his poisition in Parliament of Kyrgyzstan a new speaker has been elected as a speraker.

The head of the Ata-Jurt Kyrgyzstan faction, Nurlanbek Shakiev, a former press secretary of former President Kurmanbek Bakiev, has become the new speaker of the Kyrgyz parliament. Mamytov announced his resignation of his own free will. The reason, as he noted, was the clashes on the Kyrgyz-Tajik border on September 15-17 this year. But no sooner had the Batken conflict been extinguished than tension arose on the border with Uzbekistan, Russian Nezavisimaya gazeta wrote on October 5, on the day of Mamytov’s resignation.

October 5 marked two years of the October events that led to another change of power in Kyrgyzstan. During this time, the situation has not stabilized, on the contrary, it is heating up, and, according to experts, another revolution is already on the way, the source believs.

The split between the once close friends Sadyr Zhaparov, Kamchibek Tashiev and Talant Mamytov, who came to power in 2020, has long been discussed in the republic. Today one of them – Mamytov, unable to withstand the undercover struggle, left the chair of the head of parliament. After it Shakiev is been elected as the new speaker.

“Shakiev belongs to the team of Tashiev, the head of the State Committee for National Security of Kyrgyzstan. He replaced Mamytov, who, in turn, was from the team of President Zhaparov. This suggests that the struggle for power in Kyrgyzstan is unfolding and the denouement is close “It seems that friction has arisen in the Zhaparov-Tashiev tandem. It is in the process of disintegration. There is a possibility that Zhaparov may leave the presidency of the republic ahead of schedule, and it is possible that this autumn. Is this due to his fatigue, the inability to fulfill promises to the people or for other reasons, it is difficult to say today. Given the influence of Tashiev on all branches of government, he is ready to apply for the main state post. However, the problem is that he is not very popular with the people. Especially after the agreements on the state border that are unacceptable to the Kyrgyz people,” Alexander Kobrinsky, director of the Agency for Ethno-National Strategies, told Russian newspaper NG.

There are two ways to power, the expert believes. The first way is to look for a “dummy” while remaining a gray cardinal. The second is to still make an attempt and take the presidency himself, but this will already be more like a seizure of power. In the republic, according to Kobrinsky, there are more popular politicians, including among the opposition, for whom the people would vote more willingly. But the opposition is heterogeneous, and it is unlikely that it will be able to unite in a short time to nominate a single candidate in case of changes.

“Despite the fact that Zhaparov never became “his” for the Kremlin, destabilization in Kyrgyzstan is hardly in the interests of Russia. Moscow does not work enough in Central Asia, or rather does not work, actually giving the region to its opponents: ideologically – to Turkey, financially – to China , well, strategically – to the Anglo-Saxons,” Kobrinsky emphasized. He drew attention to the fact that “the new chairman of the parliament is a conductor of a pro-Western ideology and demands a ban on the broadcasting of Russian TV channels in Kyrgyzstan.” “This will inevitably lead to a catastrophe, especially in conditions when middle managers are being replaced by pro-Western people,” the expert noted.

And while there is a struggle for power in Bishkek, another conflict is brewing on the border, this time on the Kyrgyz-Uzbek one – in the Uzgen district of the Osh region. The dispute is over the ownership of the Kempir-Abad reservoir, which is located on the territory of the Kara-Suu and Uzgen districts of the Osh region on the border with Uzbekistan and is a disputed territory in negotiations with Uzbekistan, says media source.

Recall that Prime Minister of Uzbekistan Abdulla Aripov arrived in Bishkek on September 26 to resolve the border issue. then chairman of the State Committee for National Security of Kyrgyzstan, Tashiev, said that the parties signed a protocol on the basis of which an agreement is being prepared on the Kyrgyz-Uzbek state border for the remaining sections. The details of the agreement remained unknown, but information leaked out that the issue of the Kempir-Abad reservoir had been resolved: it was coming under the control of Uzbekistan. This caused another wave of discontent among local residents.

On October 4, President Zhaparov came to Uzgen region of the country to meet with residents of the border regions. However, not everyone was allowed into the building of the local administration, and, accordingly, people did not receive answers to their questions. It seems that the authorities are afraid of their citizens. When the meeting ended, the security forces set up a human shield, creating a corridor for the president to pass through. Meanwhile, the people were chanting: “Zhaparov, the people are against the transfer of Kempir-Abad.” “Things run the risk of reaching the armed resistance of the population to the plans of the republic’s leadership,” Alexander Kobrinsky believes, especially considering that there are nine more disputed territories.

Source: Nezavisimaya gazeta,,
Oct. 6, 2022