Uzbekistan’s Samarkand expands tourist horizon

A huge tourist center named The Great Silk Road has been opened in Samarkand. The center has the ability to serve up to 2 million tourists a year, reported.

The center is multidisciplinary and includes eight modern hotels, a congress hall, the Eternal City complex, an amphitheater and many other facilities.

There is an old bazaar, 40 craft workshops in the traditions of all regions of Uzbekistan, where artisans will conduct master classes in wood carving, pottery, silk paper, jewelry and carpet weaving in front of tourists.

The buildings of the complex reflect historical paintings of the era of the Great Silk Road. Thus, when designing the Eternal City ensemble, the plot of the fresco preserved on the wall of ancient Afrosiab, depicting the ceremony of receiving ambassadors from Korea, China, India and other countries by the ruler of the Sogdian state, was used.

This is just one part of the big work to develop the tourism industry in Uzbekistan, which is faced with the task of increasing the number of tourists coming to the country from the current 2 million to 9 million in the next five years,
August 30, 2022