Turkmenistan feels shortage of gasoline

In the regions of Turkmenistan, including the velayat centers, there has been an acute shortage of gasoline since October.

There is a huge line at the gas station in the city of Mary, Radio Azatlyk reported. People from neighboring cities and etraps come to the regional center to refuel their cars. In the city of Lebap, there is also a complete absence of A-95 and A-92 gasoline at local gas stations.

“Since October 1, it has been impossible to find A-95 gasoline in the etraps. This situation has also reached Turkmenabad. And since October 3, A-92 gasoline has also disappeared. These days, dozens of cars are waiting at gas stations from morning to evening, waiting for gasoline,” a driver from Turkmenabat said on October 3 in the evening, the radio reported.

According to the driver, A-80 gasoline can be bought in limited quantities at some gas stations, but many car owners refuse to buy it for fear that it could damage their cars.

Due to the lack of gasoline in a number of cities in Turkmenistan, there is a decrease in the number of cars on the streets.
Taxi drivers who traveled to the velayat center from etraps also stopped working.

“Before, taxis from such etraps as Sayat, Dyanev and Farap came to Turkmenabad every day. Due to the fact that there is no gasoline, they stopped driving,” the source said.

The authorities of Turkmenistan do not comment on the current situation with the provision of gasoline.

Turkmenistan is one of the richest countries in terms of energy resources. According to the British Petroleum report for 2021, Turkmenistan has 600 million barrels of proven oil reserves.

However, over the past few years, the situation with the shortage of gasoline in Turkmenistan has become systematic.

A local expert, who spoke to Azatlyk on condition of anonymity, opined that the sudden shortage of gasoline in Turkmenistan is likely due to the increase in its exports.

In the first half of 2022, Turkmenistan exported 11.7 million tons of gasoline to neighboring Uzbekistan. Pro-government media sources that reported this noted that Turkmenistan ranked second in this indicator after Russia.

An acute shortage of automobile fuel in Turkmenistan arose against the backdrop of rising energy prices around the world, and in particular in Europe.

Photo: Azathabar.com

Oct. 5, 2022